10 Tips for Sticking to a Budget on Holiday Image

10 Tips for Sticking to a Budget on Holiday

Travelling on a budget doesn’t mean you have to cut short on the experience; it just means you need to be a bit more creative and disciplined with your spending. Here’s how you can enjoy your holiday without breaking the bank:


  1. Plan ahead

Advance planning can save you a bundle. Look for discounts on accommodation, flights, and activities before you go. The earlier you book, the better the deals you’re likely to find.


  1. Set a daily limit

Work out how much money you have for the entire trip and divide it by the number of days you’ll be away. This is your daily budget. Make sure to stick to it.


  1. Use public transport

Public transport is almost always cheaper than taxis or car rentals. Plus, it’s a great way to get a feel for the local scene.


  1. Eat like a local

Avoid tourist traps and high-priced restaurants. Instead, eat where the locals eat. Street food, local markets, and out-of-the-way cafés often offer delicious food at a fraction of the price.


  1. Seek out free activities

Many cities offer a range of free activities, from museums with no entry fees to complimentary walking tours. Do some research and make the most of these opportunities.


  1. Avoid peak season

Travelling off-season can lead to lower prices for flights and accommodation. Plus, your destination won’t be crowded with tourists.


  1. Stay in budget accommodation

Consider alternatives to hotels. Hostels, vacation rentals, or even camping might provide a more authentic (and cheaper) experience.


  1. Pack wisely

To avoid buying expensive items while on holiday, ensure you pack all essentials including any medications, adapters and toiletries.


  1. Keep track of spending

Maintain a travel diary or use a budget app to keep track of your expenses. It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending if you’re not careful.


  1. Shop at local markets

If you want to bring gifts home, local markets are often cheaper than airport or hotel shops, and you’re more likely to find unique items.


Remember, budget travel is about value, not about being cheap. It’s possible to have a fantastic holiday experience without spending a wealth of money—you just need to know how to maximise every penny. Happy travelling!