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Must have gadgets

Check out these gadgets to make your life more convenient, safer and even cleaner!

Gadgets for elderly people go beyond the jar openers and wearable alarms (although these are very helpful), from smart technology to everyday helpful tools, here are some incredibly useful gadgets available.


Smart phone

Everyone can benefit from the modern technologies that smart phones offer, along with staying connected by chatting with friends and family, utilising social media and messaging apps and keeping up with the latest news. Nowadays, smart phones also have amazing cameras to make sure your photos are all top knotch! There are also tracking apps available that can be put on your phone so concerned family or friends, will always know where you are.


Doorbell camera

A really handy gadget that allows you to see who is at the door before you answer it, as it connects with your smart phone or tablet. It can also enable you to communicate with delivery people, telling them to leave things at the door, or let family and friends know that you are coming – if you cant make it to the door quickly. Depending on the type of doorbell, you may even be able to see who is at the door when you aren’t home. This gadget goes a long way to make you feel safe and keep your home secure, whether you are at home or not.


Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners can help to make household chores a lot easier if your strength and mobility are limited. They are low maintenance and only need to be charged and programmed to clean in the areas you want them to. Even if you don’t have any mobility issues, they are a great gadget to help keep your home clean, without you lifting a finger.


Robot lawn mower

Similar to the robot vacuum cleaners, the robot lawn mower takes another physical household chore off your hands.


Motion sensor lights

Whether it be the hardwired outdoor option or the indoor plug-in option, sensor lights are very helpful. Outdoors they improve home safety and security and indoors they help light the way for you during those late night bathroom visits. Only operating at night and when triggered by motion, means they save in electricity too.


All of these products come in a great variety of options with different features, benefits and prices. Consider all your needs, do your research and/or speak to experts that sell them to help you choose the best product for you.